Rory and Cari Streeter launched Jewelry by Cari 19 years ago, in 2002. They work together to design, create and promote their collection nationwide. Cari sculpts the original pieces out of clay and Rory uses his metalsmithing skills to transform her sculptures into beautiful fine jewelry. Fashion, artistry, and the people who wear their designs inspire them to continuously create new things. They met 20 years ago when Cari was on a snowboarding adventure in Rory's homeland, New Zealand, and fell in love. Together they moved to California and then to Hood River, Oregon, where they are raising their two children.

Jewelry by Cari is a finely crafted collection of jewelry that is interchangeable and can be personalized to have special meaning. Each design is hand-sculpted with a clay-like material and cast in precious metals. The jewelry has a distinctive, organic style and is hand-finished with care. Personalized pieces are skillfully and artistically hand-stamped, one letter at a time. Charms and chains are sold separately to allow complete freedom to build, stack and layer to create personal combinations to be treasured forever. People of all ages fall in love the unique look, feel and simplicity of Jewelry by Cari.

Megan Fox wears an original Cari Tiny Disc Necklace in Transformers 2 and their Large Dog Tag is worn and written into the storyline of the TV show Leverage. Jewelry by Cari has graced the runway at the San Francisco Fashion Week and their necklace was chosen to be given to 250 celebrities at the Grammy Awards. Twitter hosted Rory and Cari as special guests and gifted their necklaces to VIP at SXSW Music Festival. And their jewelry is featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Entertainment Weekly Magazine, the Oregonian Newspaper and many more.

Sold at the most cutting-edge designer jewelry stores across the country. Each retailer is family-owned and has their own unique collection of pieces to purchase for instant gratification. The lovely sales associates are happy to help you design your custom pieces, mix, match, style and layer your own unique combinations.


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