Jewelry by Cari is a beautiful collection of finely crafted jewelry that is interchangeable and can be personalized to have special meaning. Each design is hand-sculpted with a distinctive, organic style and hand-finished with the greatest of care and attention to detail. Personalized pieces evoke emotion through words, initials, phrases, names, dates and anything that has special meaning to the wearer. Each letter is skillfully and artistically hand-stamped, one at a time. Pieces are sold separately to allow complete freedom to add pendants, gemstones, diamonds and layer chains to create personal combinations that will be treasured forever. People of all ages fall in love the unique look, feel and simplicity of Jewelry by Cari.


Rory and Cari Streeter started Jewelry by Cari in 2002 and work together to design, create and market their collection that has become popular nationwide. Fashion, artistry, and the people who wear their jewelry inspire them to continuously create new pieces. Rory, a native New Zealander and Cari, from California, live in Hood River, Oregon. They frequently travel the nation and world, keeping up with current trends and getting to know their customers and the wonderful boutiques that sell their line.


Megan Fox wears an original Cari Tiny Disc Necklace in Transformers 2. Their dog tag is written into the storyline in the TV show Leverage. And their jewelry is featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Entertainment Weekly Magazine, the Oregonian Newspaperand many more. Their designs graced the runway at the San Francisco Fashion Week, were chosen to be given to 250 stars at the Grammy Awards and are worn by countless celebrities. 


All pieces are made in the USA with recycled metals and responsibly sourced diamonds and gemstones. Rory and Cari frequently give back by donating their jewelry and using it to raise money for various charities. And they are devoted to customer service and to providing an extremely personal product.

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