Jewelry by Cari Charms can be PERSONALIZED with skilled Hand-Stamping, flush-set diamonds placed where you want, raised gold lettering, and your choice of metals: sterling silver, 14kt yellow, pink or white gold. 

Charms and Chains are each sold separately to allow for maximum versatility. Collect charms over the years to document times in your life. Layer, stack, mix and match as you please.The more charms and chains you have, the more possibilities you'll have. There are no rules! 

Each charm design is first sculpted with a clay-like material, cast in precious metals and hand-finished. Jewelry by Cari is distinguished by its quality craftsmanship, stylish look, substantial weight, and organic feel. 

If you are near a Jewelry by Cari Retailer we would love for you to purchase our jewelry from them and support two small businesses at once. If you choose to order online please let us know if you found out about our jewelry at one of our Retailers. Thank you!